The Website App Announces Telemedicine Projects in Malawi, a platform that allows clients to update web pages, blogs, galleries, shopping carts, and custom websites, has announced that it is producing the first government services website for Malawi, Africa for Thyolo Health Services. The project will service over 600,000 residents in the region and is projected to significantly improve access to healthcare in the country. was founded in 2009 with the trading name Virtual Hub SaaS. At the time, the company serviced The Furnishing Industry Association of Australia (now known as ACFA) with a large membership database of over 500 members. With, clients could log in and update their details and online listings, and the database was connected to 37 Signals Highrise CRM. This ensured that FIAA staff could load member details and use the CRM with up-to-date details on their iPads. is an alternative to Wix or Squarespace or Shopify. Clients receive more custom solutions particularly when large databases or CRM’s are involved. It’s an all-in-one integrated online marketing platform. facilitated the development of e-commerce websites including Harlequin Market Sydney – a bespoke Jewellery store and the first Australian online sales store for Homy Ped shoes via Bob Harrison’s Soul Pattinson Miranda. The company has also developed other smaller eCommerce businesses including Precious Petals – a Coffs Harbour-based florist. produced a website for Solar and Bamboo Direct – Coffs Harbour which was subject to insolvency in 2011. had quoted $3,500 for the shopping cart delivery web platform. However, the advanced shopping cart technology used in the project cost about $10,000 in development costs at the time.

In 2012, the leadership of the company had some setbacks largely caused by the ill health of its founder, Peter Bishop. By 2013 Virtual Hub SaaS had no choice but to cease trading.

Peter was absent from the business between 2013 and 2017 due to issues with medication compliance and repeat hospital stays. It was in 2016 that Peter met Dr. Gaurav Tandon who guided Peter about the need to stay on medications. The process was long and it wasn’t until early 2018 that Peter found a medication he could tolerate. Dr. Tandon promised Peter with good medication, he could get his career back.

In 2018, Peter met Bryan Ngaleka from Malawi, Africa on a penpals website. They hit it off instantly. Bryan had a desire to learn graphic and web design and given Peter was starting his business from scratch, he took Bryan on his online trainer. By this time, the original Website App software had been lost so Peter started to redevelop it starting with Bryan’s website.

Slowly but surely was recreated after a seeming hiatus. allows clients to update their web pages, blogs, shopping carts, galleries, members’ lists and send electronic direct mail with a custom graphically designed website.

Needing another client Peter asked a Russian friend Anastasia if she knew anybody looking for a website and that is how the project with Russian Artist, Timur Shaimukhametov began. Timur provided a web design he liked, he sought permission from the original designer to reproduce the layout with Peter delivered an updateable custom website Gallery in return for 3 original paintings from the artist. The project was interesting as Timur only speaks Russian so the partners had to correspond with Google translate for the entire project.

Currently, has Australian clients including Kolsen who employed Peter for technical services. Hoods Agrimotive is based in Adelaide, which sells new and used machinery, and Curtis Australia an internationally renowned master jeweler who uses for consulting services.


We have a strong preference for employing Australian junior talent to develop their online skills, and we encourage new participants to get in touch.


We have a special offer for the Artist Community to get online for 69$ AUD per month, no contract. We are currently seeking eCommerce customers, new small businesses, and not-for-profit endeavors.


We have online partnerships with Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Statcounter (a human alternative to Google Analytics), and Trustpilot reviews among others. is producing the first government services website for Malawi, Africa for Thyolo Health Services. The project will service over 600,000 residents.